plastic debris is choking the ocean

Can you say No? Single use plastic is everywhere, and the more you try to avoid it the more you realise how dependent we have all become on the convenience of the way items are packaged – from take-away meals to fancy lettuce leaves, travel size tissue pouches to individually wrapped mints and lollies, shrink wrapped electronics, zip-lock bags and everything in between! Plastic Free July The “Plastic Free July” movement is all about refusing single use plastic to avoid landfill waste and establishing new habits to reduce our environmental footprint. But with plastic so deeply entrenched in our everyday lives, can we really liveRead More →

how can we reduce waste

Are we asking the right question? With the plastic bag ban just weeks away, a hot topic of discussion right now is plastic bin liners. A lot of people rely on their plastic shopping bags for this function and are now faced with the eventuality that they will have to purchase plastic bin liners to use in their place, or find another alternative. Some ideas being put forward include wrapping waste in newspaper and going without a liner, or using a paper liner for their bins. Going back to plastic, we have options for purchasing biodegradable, degradable or compostable bags. Change is met with dislikeRead More →

space efficient reusable bags

Five reasons why you will completely fall in love cotton mesh shopping bags… With all states in Australia taking affirmative action against single use shopping bags, everyone will be forced to make a decision on reusable bags sooner rather than later. The options available are many and varied, however I completely love these cotton mesh shopping bags and with their help have been able to transition from using plastic bags after many unsuccessful attempts in the past. Here are the reasons why I think these bags succeeded where those before them failed… #1 / Space When they’re empty they smoosh up to next-to-nothingness which meansRead More →

reusable shopping bags

Buying the bags is one thing, but it is a whole other ball game remembering to use them time after time,  week after week, each time you set foot inside a shop to buy something, anything! The first few weeks are easy, but as time goes on and life gets busy, forgetting once or twice becomes a case of “whatever happened to those bags?” But like anything, it is just a case of becoming more aware and then creating a new habit and making it routine – not just for your regular shop but for all the things you buy in between. Here are myRead More →