Plastic Free July – Can you really refuse all single use plastic?

plastic debris is choking the ocean

Can you say No?

Single use plastic is everywhere, and the more you try to avoid it the more you realise how dependent we have all become on the convenience of the way items are packaged – from take-away meals to fancy lettuce leaves, travel size tissue pouches to individually wrapped mints and lollies, shrink wrapped electronics, zip-lock bags and everything in between!

Plastic Free July

The “Plastic Free July” movement is all about refusing single use plastic to avoid landfill waste and establishing new habits to reduce our environmental footprint.

But with plastic so deeply entrenched in our everyday lives, can we really live without single use plastic?

Why we need to change

A good starting point is to remind ourselves of the damage plastic is doing to our environment.

We can’t use the excuse that it doesn’t affect us, because it does – when our shorelines are starting to look like that of a third world country; when you can’t go out into the bush or to the beach without stumbling across discarded plastic; when creatures in our oceans and birds in our skies are ingesting and being injured/killed by plastic refuse, we are all our of excuses!

So with that as our motivation to change our ways, here are some easy switches that I have discovered…

Refreshments on the go…

Carry your reusable coffee cup with you and take your own water in a reusable drink bottle. Pass on the straw when you’re at the pub or a restaurant, take your own metal straw or use a paper one if you really need to.


Cut down on cleaning products by investing in a steam cleaner.  A good steam cleaner cleans and sanitises and replaces floor cleaner, oven cleaner, bathroom cleaner, tile cleaner…

In the Bathroom…

Cut down on packaging in the bathroom by switching body wash for solid soap – and do the same with shampoo and conditioner!  Plastic cotton tips are an environmental nuisance so switch them out for some made using bamboo or cardboard instead.

In the Kitchen…

Invest in some bees wax wraps to cover cut onions, salad bowls, cheese, in place of plastic wrap.  Use them to wrap sandwiches and lunches as well!

Plant a little Garden…

Grow your own lettuce and herbs, something that is pretty much always wrapped in plastic if you want to buy from the supermarket.  It doesn’t need to take up much space, just needs some natural light and regular watering.

When you go Shopping…

Think about what packaging the item you are purchasing comes in, choose reusable and recyclable packing such as cardboard or glass, or no packaging at all!

These are just a few ideas, I would love to hear yours – don’t keep your tips to yourself!  Add your thoughts in the comment section below or share with us on Facebook.

Happy Plastic Free July!

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