Why you will love cotton mesh shopping bags

space efficient reusable bags

Five reasons why you will completely fall in love cotton mesh shopping bags…

With all states in Australia taking affirmative action against single use shopping bags, everyone will be forced to make a decision on reusable bags sooner rather than later.

The options available are many and varied, however I completely love these cotton mesh shopping bags and with their help have been able to transition from using plastic bags after many unsuccessful attempts in the past.

Here are the reasons why I think these bags succeeded where those before them failed…

#1 / Space

When they’re empty they smoosh up to next-to-nothingness which means that you can easily fit one in your pocket or in your handbag. I keep a spare in my desk or in the door pocket of my car, so there is always one on standby for those ad-hoc shopping occasions like buying milk or bread on the way home, or picking up a take-away meal.

When you get 10 bags together for your weekly shop, you have a manageable mass of bags to carry with you from your car to the supermarket, and with you throughout your shopping experience all the way to the checkout.

Reusable bags come in all shapes and sizes, but when I see people wrestling with their bags in the car park, it really is bad advertising for the cause!

#2 / Breathable

Bags will stay nicer for longer if they are not a breeding ground for bacteria.  Over their lifetime your shopping bags see many and varied items of produce and packaged groceries, some living others not. Some leave parts of themselves behind that may start to take on a life of their own which then start to omit strange odours which can be unpleasant at best.

You will not have this problem with mesh shopping bags. They breathe and will not harbour nasty smelly freeloaders!

breathable reusable shopping bags

#3 / Washable

Inevitably bags do get soiled after continuous use.  No problem! They can go in the wash on a normal cycle and hung out to dry with the rest of your clothes, they need about as much special treatment as a pair of jocks or socks!

#4 / Capacity

Don’t be deceived by the size of the bag! It stretches to take up to 3 times the capacity of a traditional plastic shopping bag. Each bag will safely take up to 5 kgs of weight.

#5 / They look great!

I am always proud to whip out my cotton mesh bags, apart from all the awesomeness mentioned above, they actually just look good!  Yes they look like the bag your Grandma used to use, but let’s face it, everything that was old is now new again.

I am in no way dissing other types of reusable bags – whenever I see someone using their reusable shopping bags – I give them a mental high five and “go you!” because whatever option people are using it is ultimately better than single use plastic.

It is about finding the right option for YOU and incorporating it into YOUR lifestyle and routine.  Cotton mesh bags are my “go to” because I believe that they are an easy option for creating a good habit in my life so that I have a chance of sticking to a regime of using my own bags and not contributing the plastic epidemic.

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