Tips to remembering your bags when you go shopping…

reusable shopping bags

Buying the bags is one thing, but it is a whole other ball game remembering to use them time after time,  week after week, each time you set foot inside a shop to buy something, anything!

The first few weeks are easy, but as time goes on and life gets busy, forgetting once or twice becomes a case of “whatever happened to those bags?”

But like anything, it is just a case of becoming more aware and then creating a new habit and making it routine – not just for your regular shop but for all the things you buy in between.

Here are my tips for remembering to use your shopping bags:

  1. If you drive to the shops – give them a home in your car so that they are always on hand when you need them.  Keep them in your boot and then leave a spare in your centre console or door pocket
  2. If you walk/uber/get a lift to the shops – hang your bags next to the front door
  3. Have a few spares – keep one in your bag, in your drawer at work, in your partners car, in your gym bag…
  4. When ever you unpack your shopping, return your bags to their home immediately!
  5. Add them to your shopping list

Feel free to share your own tips! 🙂

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