The Plastic Bag Problem

80% of rubbish dumped in our oceans is plastic

30% of the world’s turtles have now ingested plastic debris

90% of seabird species have now ingested plastic debris

Only 3% of plastic bags uses in Australia are recycled

The easy way YOU can make a difference to the war on waste

“No Plastic Bags” makes it easier to switch from using single use shopping bags

More than 13 MILLION new plastic bags are being used EVERYDAY in Australia, currently only 3% of which are being recycled.  Australians throw out over 20,000 tonnes of plastic bags each year and are are the second highest producers of waste in the world! No Plastic Bags came about to help Australians find a convenient way forward without using disposable shopping bags.

With plastic bags taking between 20 – 1000 years to break down and decompose, the ban on plastic bags cannot come soon enough.

“No Plastic Bags” offer a simple solution to find an alternative to single use plastic bags….

We want to help you make the switch and have a simple solution…

yes  Strong
yes  Space efficient
yes  Breathable
yes  Avoids breeding harmful bacteria
yes  Washable
yes  Durable
yes  100% cotton
yes  Long lasting
yes  Takes up less space

Make a positive change

No Plastic Bags - together we can change the world